FarmVille Secrets, Cheats And Tricks


FarmVille Secrets,Cheats and Tricks

If your on Facebook at all then by now you probably know about FarmVille. This is the game that lets you run your very own virtual farm.When you first look at FarmVille it looks a little like a kids game and just plain silly. Why would I want to grow virtual corn??? Just sounds boring right, but once you start to play the game is truly addicting. At the same time the game can be very relaxing as you decorate your farm, grow crops,help neighbors with their farms and lots more. So now this simple game about growing virtual corn is a lot more then you would think.

Time to Get Started

When you first enter your farm you will already have a few plots to work with. You have 2 with crops ready to harvest,2 that are part rready and 2 that need seeding.You also start with some coins and dollars which you will need throughout the game. Coins ar much easier to come by then dollars so be sure to save those dollars for special items. For now you want to concentrate on harvesting your first set of crops before the rot. All crops have an expiration time limit so you don't want them to sit for too long. Basically what ever time it take for a crop to grow is also the time you have to get it to market before it spoils. Strawberries, for example, grow in 4 hours which means you only have 4 hours after they are fully grown to harvest them.

These timeframes will be very important to how you work your virtual farm. If you have very little time to check in on Facebook and play FarmVille then you will want to stick to growing crops that take longer. If you can pop in and ot more often then you can grow crops that take less time as you will ba able to harvest them quickly and turn them over for more coins.

Getting the Good Stuff, Leveling Up  

Leveling up is a key element in FarmVille so you will want to do it as quickly as possible. Everything you do will help you gain experience points which go towards your leveling so having a good strategy will get you there quickly. Time management will again be the key. Also managing your money will help as you can use some of those coins to buy items which will in turn also ad to your experience points.
 Getting various ribbons is also a great way to get points and level up quickly. Check out FarmVille Secrets and Cheats for a full list if ribbons and how to get them.

FarmVille Cheats, Do They Exist

The short answer is no, not really. There may have been a glitch here and there but Zynga is pretty quick to patch these so they are all pretty much gone.  There may be some who try to actully hack the game but this will only get you banned  from both the game as well as Facebook.With that said you can get an advantage over your fellow farmers. You simply need the right strategy. FarmVille Secrets is the first and best guide on how to earn coins, level up and gain all those hard to find items. You will learn everyhing you need to know to become the ultimate farmer. Your friends will be amazed at how fast you level up and how much cash you have. You will be the Bill Gates of FarmVille in no time.